:: Synopsis

With the ecosystem destroyed after a nuclear war,
Mari, a survivor, does all she can to rebuild. When she stumbles upon a robot soldier in an abandoned city, everything changes.

:: Characters
- Mari

14-year-old girl with red hair. Main character of the story and the only survivor from the lab.
She is a strong minded girl and never gives up even when she has to face up to a harsh reality.
Young, but talented and knows all the techniques about managing the lab.
Finds robot soldier M626 while searching for the necessary goods at a ruined city.

- M626

A robot soldier with a wounded chest. M626 was put in a battle to reclaim the city in the past
but gets seriously injured by an enemy's robot soldier and breaks down.
He was left alone for a long period of time in a building where the fierce battle was held, until Mari discovers him later

:: Background Story
- The world war

Earth has developed a parallel world, advanced differently from our world. The world war started from a trade dispute between two countries and developed into a world war as the other countries that had some conflicting interest with both countries decided to join them. At the end of the war, they mobilized chemical and biological weapons which can kill all plants in the target zone to blow up the enemy's food production. The overuse of the weapons caused an unexpected side effect, which leads to a tragic ending - the desertification of most of the Earth. The only things that were left for the survivors were polluted cities contaminated by radioactivity, manufacturing facility destroyed, and a land that didn't grow an inch of a grass.

- After the world war

Survivors from around the world found less polluted area and built the colony. Without the benefit from highly developed civilizations it was difficult to regain its former self with techniques that were used in the past. Only artificial intelligent robots that were used in a war remained in the polluted city finding and killing each other, lost in control. Robots were a threat to humans as well since they were unable to identify the humans due to electromagnetic wave interference from nuclear attack. The biggest problem was recovering the ruined environment. There were no plants that could grow in a land that was contaminated by radioactive particles and chemical and biological weapons. Seeds obtained from the ruins had generative functions removed from gene manipulation that it won't sprout. Still they could survive with artificial food production facilities but if they can't find a way to restore the environment, nobody knows how long they can last.

- Pure seeds

Years passed by, when humans had adapted to living in the polluted lands a group of a search troops finds the location of the storehouse stored with pristine seeds. After the treacherous adventure, they achieve the seeds and starts to concentrate on raising them at the Agricultural Research Institute where Omega Group owned before the war. However, the accident at sanitation facilities in the deteriorated lab causes many casualties. The short film, begins right after this incident.

- OMEGA Group

Before the war broke out, Omega Group was a large corporation that had a great influence on all over the world. Simple households, heavy machinery, construction, service, and military weapons, Omega Group dealt with everything. They branched out into food business, worked on seed breeding and claimed title to various kinds of seeds. The commercialized grains could only be used for edibility as they removed the reproductive function to prevent competitors from copying them. In addition, Omega Group's weapons showed a great performance and had a high reliability so many countries used them; and most of the weapons that were used in the World War were made from Omega Group.

- Robot soldier

Humanoid artificial intelligent robot that Omega Group invented. The former artificial intelligence weapons were more concerned with efficiency than anything else that they were no different than any other conventional weapons. Moreover, it had its weakness. Thinking and learning abilities were limited that it could only rely upon pre-programmed tactical patterns. To deal with this problem, they invented a robotic soldier in a human form enhancing its ability to learn and apply a new tactical concept. It was armed with oscillating knife and rail gun in both arms, and its armor made from special alloy had a great defensive power that it could protect itself from any personal arms. Nuclear battery that is built inside the robot can activate for hundreds of years without refueling. There was a report that it achieved brilliant success in battles but it couldn't be produced as much as the old artificial intelligence weapons because its production expenses were way more expensive.